Arc 浏览器 Windows 版试用邀请开启

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小丑人分享站获悉,位于纽约的初创公司 The Browser Company 宣布,基于 Chromium 的浏览器 Arc Browser 已开始向 Windows 用户发送 Beta 版试用邀请,未来几周内将邀请数百名 beta 测试用户加入 Arc 浏览器。现在读者仍可从其官网加入 等待列表(Waitlist)。


该浏览器早已开放了 Mac 和 iOS 版本的下载。与常规浏览器不同,Arc 浏览器将 URL 地址栏放在了左侧。Arc 不支持 cookie,并承诺不与他人共享搜索数据。开发人员使用了 Apple 的 Swift 编程语言开发了 Windows 版本。


It all begins today
Hey there,
Hursh  here, CTO at the Browser Co, with some exciting news!

A little while ago, you signed up for a brand new browser, Arc  - one that The Verge called "The Chrome replacement I've been waiting for " and Shopify's CEO named as "the best browser ."
Well, starting today, we're onboarding our very first beta testers to Arc on Windows.
And you’re next! 
Over the coming weeks, our team will be onboarding hundreds of beta testers to Arc. And come January, we’ll be welcoming 1,000s of you from the waitlist every week. If you don't mind a few bugs and some rough edges, sign up as a beta tester and we'll prioritize your invite to Arc!

For us, this period leading up to our Windows release is about crafting the very best version of Arc that we can. And that means learning from you — what you love, what's missing, what doesn’t feel quite right.
It still feels surreal to say, but it really does all begin today. Follow along for some fun on  —

And we’ll see you very soon!
 Hursh and The Browser Co Crew


P.S. If you have a friend on Windows with one too many tabs, who could use a better browser - forward this on to them, too!
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